Make sure that the spare part you are ordering is suitable for your car.

 To ensure that, please provide correct details of your car (model, make, year, engine, kW, transmission, chassi number, original number/ code of the part.
Refeus provides you the information about the condition of the spare part. If necessary, we send you the picture of the spare part. It is useful if your inquery comes with a picture.
If you would like to order the spare part, you need to make a tranfer to company's bank account and we will ship the spare part to address given.


  Client should make a transfer to Refeus OÜ account and send a confirmation about it to email as it takes 3-5 days for the money to reach company account.
Refeus OÜ shipps the spare part same day as the confirmation about payment is received.
Shipping  takes 3-5 days and the cost depends on location and weight of the spare part. However, Refeus always informs the customer about transportation costs and customer is welcome to come up with cheaper solutions.

Guarantee - please read the guarantee conditions that we tried to make fair and reliable for both parties.