Refeus sells spare parts dismantled from a salvage car.
Refeus guarantees that a spare part bought by a customer is in working condition. Unfortunately it is not always possible to check the condition of the spare part.
If the spare part is not in working condotion then Refeus replaces it with another spare part. In case Refeus cannot offer replacement, the customer gets a refund for the part.
Customer has seven days to replace the spare part if it was not in working condition.
Spare part must be in same complection as when bought, not opened or repaired.

Guarantee is valid when the spare part is mounted by a qualified specialist and the defect is approved by a specialist. If the spare part is mounted by a non-qualified person then the guarantee becomes invalid.
Refeus does not take back spare parts that are in working condition, but are returned because the customer does not need it.

Guarantee does not cover tranportation and mounting costs of the spare part, only the cost of the spare part itself.